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Scottishworms is the largest worm farm in Scotland. We have 8,000 square metres in a ten acre field plus a large indoor heated fattening and breeding unit to help with all year round quality worm production. scottishworms™ produce more than 600 kilos each month.ScottishWorms worm farm in Scotland


Our worms are considerably larger and fatter than our competitors' worms and because you buy direct from the breeder the worm will reach you in perfect condition.


Here at Scottish Worms we breed one type of worm - the Dendrobaena Veneta Worm (also known as Dendras). This is a versatile worm which has many uses such as:


Indoor worm fattening and breeding unitThe majority of the worms we produce are sold to Organic Resource Management - a company based in Brechan, Wales which set up industrial scale composting. They are also working with the local governing bodies in Britain to establish a recycling system involving worms and household waste that will be simple and easy for each household to use and adapt to.

Please visit our online shop to buy fresh live worms direct from the worm farm or contact us to further discuss your requirements - both trade and retail enquiries are welcome.


Worm farming

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Composting Worms

Logo: Scottish WormsOur compost worms will eat anything that has lived and died, eating up to half their body weight in waste - ideal for home composting.


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Live Bait

Logo: Scottish WormsDendrobaena worms are rapidly being recognised as the worm to use as live bait for fishing.


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Wildlife Food

Logo: Scottish WormsPerfect live food for birds and other wildlife, and a natural source of protein, our live worms will help to attract new and varied types of wildlife to your garden.


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Worm Food

Logo: Scottish WormsOur worm food is specially formulated for your worms, with ground grain and the correct minerals and vitamins added to help your worms thrive.


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Logo: Scottish WormsMade from wood our wormeries have been carefully designed by us to be most effective and suitable to our Dendrobaena worms needs.


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