Worm food - essential nutrients for healthy worms

Feeding the worms in our Worm Beds


Worm FoodOur worm food is specially formulated for Scottishworms™ with ground grain and the correct minerals and vitamins added to help your worms thrive. The grain is ground slightly course to help the worms' digestion.

This feed is ideal whether you just want to help your Dendras along in the compost heap or if you are keeping worms in our chest wormery and would like them to grow and breed healthily.


Just sprinkle a little on top of your compost heap and then cover with carpet or plastic so the light sensitive worm will come to the surface to feed.


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Worm friendly calcium lime

Calcium LimePrevent your chest wormery or compost heap becoming too acidic by sprinkling on a little lime every few weeks. Compost worms like a pH of 7. This worm friendly lime can also be used around the garden and doesn’t burn as muck or other lime.


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Composting Worms

Logo: Scottish WormsOur compost worms will eat anything that has lived and died, eating up to half their body weight in waste - ideal for home composting.


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Live Bait

Logo: Scottish WormsDendrobaena worms are rapidly being recognised as the worm to use as live bait for fishing.


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Wildlife Food

Logo: Scottish WormsPerfect live food for birds and other wildlife, and a natural source of protein, our live worms will help to attract new and varied types of wildlife to your garden.


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Worm Food

Logo: Scottish WormsOur worm food is specially formulated for your worms, with ground grain and the correct minerals and vitamins added to help your worms thrive.


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Logo: Scottish WormsMade from wood our wormeries have been carefully designed by us to be most effective and suitable to our Dendrobaena worms needs.


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